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The All Star Voyage

The All Star Story, how we began, how we are doing and where are we going.
How we began 2004
I guess in life we all have a story, a story worth sharing with someone. This dialogue is about the creation of All Star Hire. How it began and the impact it has had on both my life and the lives of those who so dare enter. (Ok we need to have a little sense of Humor).

The story is quiet a serious one, yet the message in this serious story is about Joy, Fun and quality of life. As a very good friend often says, every dark cloud has a silver lining, 'I think though Les in our purpose we found gold'.

Several years ago my parents had called and strongly suggest I attend the funeral of a family friends son. I had no hesitation as the people concerned even though at that time distant, had been one of the very few people who had been invited to sit at the family table for dinner on more than one occasion, we where close. My parents have been and still are quite protective and chose extremely carefully who had earned, their love, respect and trust.

I will never forget that funeral, St Patrick Cathedral in Fremantle was full to over flowing, my friends who immediately recognised me where distraught and even at times bent over with pain at their loss. Yet in it all, there is one vision which is firmly painted in my mind. The eldest daughter of this young man modestly standing next to her father’s coffin, lightly touching it. She stood there for what seemed like eternity wanting to be near her Dad one last time. I will never forget this scene.

As fate should have it, several years after this day our paths would cross again. I feel it is not my place to go into what happened during this time. As if the family so chooses they may one day share their experience. What I can say is that chaos ruled. Thank fully and thru the grace of God events finally turned and I believe in a way I contributed to that.

It was during this time in my life that I learned this young man had lost his life on the Bussell Hwy, he had no alcohol in his blood. His father who knew of my existence in Margaret River suggested I spend some time looking after the family farm. 100 acres located just north of Margaret River. With only a few days committed to farm maintenance, idol time needed to be filled. I purchased my first limousine a 1985 7 pax Ford Limo, not as most would think to start a business, yet purely as a project. I loved to fix things. I will post the photos of this car and you can see the before and after photos. I stripped it to bare bones and with the aid of a few locals rebuilt the limo with the intention of a sale.

I had a local farmer paint this car, as fate would have it he too had only just lost a 24 year old son to the madness of country roads. They say the Lord paints a picture. I’m not a very religious person, yet I could quite honestly say I met the lord more than once.

It was during this time that I visited my parents in Geraldton, 8 hrs drive north of Margaret River. I apologise for the divergence here yet there is a moral to the story. It was a great trip. I always seem to have great insights when I’m driving.

During my stay I had a constant urge to visit the local Cathedral in Geraldton. A lovely building, built with true Catholic purpose. So having enjoyed the best possible Italian home cooking I suggest to my parents that a visit to the Cathedral was in order. When I arrived I was the only person there. I walked into the Church walked up to the very front benches and just sat there and listened.

I knew that this moment was going to be profound, we study hard, some of us work hard, many of us believe and many of us don’t. I didn’t need to believe I knew at that moment I just needed to listen. What happened next will be a moment I will never forget.

In the silence of this very large Cathedral the voice boomed "Lie on the Floor" my mind went into over load I can’t do that this is a church it has to be disrespectful. Again "Lie on the Floor" it boomed again, then silence. It was the silence that did it for me, I knew that whatever was with me in that church was extremely powerful and that it meant business.
So here I was in this church with an almighty presence waiting for me to recover from my stupor and lie on the "bloody floor" so down I went. Some of you may not be aware yet the Cathedral has a magnificent dome and I was lying on the floor smack bang in the middle of it looking up. Again profound silence.

The inscription on the dome roof reads " Peter on this rock you will build my church and I will give you the keys to heaven" Now I knew I wasn’t building a physical church, yet it is without question that I knew at that moment lying on the floor as I was, That I would be building something. How could I ever truly know this? My confirmed name which is given at 12 years of age by the church and is a Catholics second middle name is Peter.

Now if you have got this far into my story, I would suggest that you may have already been touched by it. There is no sensationalism here. This is how it happened.
The Second Chapter
Well its Christmas 2008 and I have had the most interesting year. Ive chosen to bring this story into the present for now as I feel we have a story to tell and I would love for your to read on.
Sub prime has hit and the greedy people suffer at the expense of those who have chosen to just make a living. The stresses in life see more young people dying on our roads some 200 in WA alone. We seem to have lost many values in our lives.
This classic story of a client who recently engaged our services and insisted that we transport an infant (9 months old) unrestrained. The client rang me a few days later when our driver refused, returned to base, fitted the baby capsual which we supply free of charge and went about the professional task of transporting the child and adults, all the adults who chose not to buckle up. Current stats tell us that nearly 80% of road deaths occur due to seat belts not being worn.
The client wanted to complain about the embarresment we had caused him infront of the staff, I tore strips of this guy. Suffice to say I stronly suggested he never cross me in the street again.
If you have a death wish please dont ask anyone of my staff to share that possible experience with you. Imagine having to live with an infant flying thru the front window of a car after we hit something or been hit. How pathetic of a race have we become. Their is a grey area in the law with taxis and infants. Their is no grey area in our business, buckle up or walk.
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